Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Maryland

Our lawyers handled motorcycle accident claims in Maryland and Washington, D.C.  This page discusses however these personal injury claims area unit handled in Maryland and provides data on the common payout for a motorcycle accident.  

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Maryland

This page is additionally employment interview.  Our Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers specialize in serious injury and death motorbike accident cases. We've recovered uncountable bucks for our shoppers.  Our firm, Miller & Zois, needs to represent you if you've got a heavy bike accident claim.  

There area unit several technical reasons why handling a motorbike case is tougher than handling a typical automobile accident claim. However, another excuse is juries area unit at risk of believe negative stereotypes regarding motorcyclists. Insurance corporations discriminate against motorcyclists once, putting a settlement price on cases further. These stereotypes build disputes regarding fault and therefore the compensation payout that usually cause a suit.  

Contrary to those stereotypes, most of the motorcyclists we have a tendency to represent area unit safe and conscientious drivers. The bulk of riders area unit involved regarding their safety. They wear helmets and protecting vests, have typically taken one or additional safety courses, and their automobile records area unit cleaner than the common driver. 

Many of the intense motorcycle accidents our attorneys see area unit caused by inattentive drivers UN agency don't see motorcycles coming back. The foremost common example of this can be once an automobile or truck makes a left-hand turn without noticing the motorbike within the opposite lane, leading to a head-on collision.

At our firm, Miller & Zois, LLC, our injury attorneys have handled a big range of significant motorcycle accident and death cases. We've recovered uncountable bucks for our shoppers. For a free consultation of your motorbike accident claim within the Baltimore or Washington, D.C. areas, contact our Maryland motorcycle accident attorneys at (800) 553-8082 or get a free consultation on-line.

Below we have a tendency to discuss motorbike accidents, the worth of those accident cases, and the way insurance affects motorcyclists. If you're curious about a particular topic, follow the links below.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

There area unit about one,800 bike accidents once a year in Maryland. These accidents end in injuries and deaths. For instance, in 2017, Maryland reported 76 motorcycle deaths. In addition, severe injuries are ten times more doubtless with bike crashes than with automotive crashes. (Our lawyers would like to provide you with 2021 however the Maryland Department of Transportation sadly behind.)

Motorcyclists, therefore, pay a lot of for his or her injuries than drivers of different vehicles. The typical total price of a motorcyclist’s injuries is $211,000, compared to concerning $17,000 for all different vehicles.
A significant quantity of fatal accidents for motorcyclists area unit single-vehicle crashes as against a motorbike fucking into a automotive.  These crashes' area unit typically attributed to a scarcity of coaching, speeding, and driving whereas below the influence. Helmet use additionally contributes to fatalities. 

The National main road Traffic Safety Administration calculable that 800 lives may well be saved once a year if riders wore helmets. Maryland's law stipulates that bike riders should wear helmets that meet MVA standards and visors if their bike doesn't have a screen.

The negligence of different drivers on the road is another important contributory issue to bike fatalities. Approximately 40% of fatal bike crashes occur once Associate in Nursing other vehicle turns left before of an unsuspecting traveler.

What Types of Motorcycle Accidents are Frequently Litigated?

Left-turn accidents frequently end in serious injury and death for riders of motorcycles. Four-hundredth of fatal bike accidents involve a left-turning vehicle. We will not tell you ways several of those kinds of bike accidents our lawyers have seen.  One common situation is once a driver turns left off a two-way road while not noticing AN oncoming bike, inflicting the bike to touch the aspect of their vehicle. This might conjointly occur once drivers blow through stop signs or yellow lights Failure to yield is another common explanation for bike accidents that involve different vehicles, and plenty of left-turn accidents involve failure to yield. A car may, as an example, build a right flip onto a route and fail to note a bike already traveling within the lane they're getting into. 

These types of accidents happen as a result of drivers don't seem to be paying careful attention to the road and fail to note motorcycles, that area unit smaller and tougher to check. In different words, these crashes' area unit the results of negligence. In left-turn and failure to yield cases, it's typically comparatively easy to work out WHO was guilty of the accident and to prove that the at-fault driver wasn't taking note of what they were doing.

What Is Unique About Motorcycle Personal Injury Claims?

With each accident case, it's imperative to ascertain the United Nations agency was guilty of the accident. This is often particularly vital in Maryland as a result of our state incorporates a nonperformance philosophical system which means victims can't be remunerated by the court if they're found to be even 1 Chronicles answerable for the accident. 

Fault is very troublesome in bike personal injury claims as a result of, given the little size of the vehicles and therefore the stereotype concerning reckless bike drivers, juries don't seem to be seemingly to favor riders. 

This makes what bike accident lawyers do all the additional vital. Determinant United Nations agency is of the day answerable for a traffic accident sometimes involves visiting the crash’s location, analyzing the situation on Google Earth, and obtaining witness statements to corroborate a plaintiff’s testimony.

Additionally, motorcyclists don't seem to be treated fairly by insurance corporations. There's a key insurance distinction for bike riders and attorneys in Maryland regarding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. PIP is further coverage on your policy that pays for your medical bills or lost wages if you're contusioned in an exceedingly crash. 

The policy is typically between $2,500 and $10,000 and covers you even though the accident was your fault. Insurance corporations area unit needed to supply PIP to the drivers of most alternative vehicles but, they're permissible to withhold PIP coverage from motorcyclists supported Maryland Insurance Code § 19-505.

Another distinction has got to do with unendurable driver claims. If you're driving somebody else’s bike and find into Associate in Nursing accident with Associate in Nursing unendurable or under insured driver, unendurable driver edges area unit generally out there for you below your own insurance. However, if you own each a motorbike and an automotive, the policy limit for your bike is applied even though you've got higher unendurable edges on another vehicle.

What Is the Average Payout for a Motorcycle Accident?

However, in step with a study by Jury finding of fact analysis, the common motorbike accident finding of fact nationwide is close to $560,000. The median finding of fact award is simply over $70,000. The common is higher as a result of it's driven up by a smaller range of high-value cases that involve terribly serious injuries or death.

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